Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Homemade

So I conquered another homemade quest. Homemade bodywash. WHOO HOO! There are a certain number of things that I detest paying for at the grocery store. The list includes (but is not limited to) toilet paper, paper towels, body wash, shampoo (not necessarily conditioner bc for me it lasts F-O-R-E-V-E-R) and cleaning products. I'm taking each one on, a little at a time so that I can try to recreate something that's a little cleaner all around; for us, for our home and the earth. My family seems to think I'm a hippie at heart. I'm okay with that. As I run out of one of my grocery list violaters, I see if I can come up with something to take it's place. Pinterest is fabulous for these kinds of things and you can check out my HAPPY list of things that I'm planning to or have already tried under these two boards. Cleanting and Homemade Spa. So last night my DH helped me along with my current project. Here's what you'll need...thank you to a great gal over at Living, Loving & Laughing for sharing her experience and her superfantastically easy recipe.

I doubled her recipe for one batch-this is what I did...

1 gallon distilled water
2 bars of soap, all natural of course
2 T Vegetable glycerin, I found mine at Natural Grocers and easily found online here

First I grated the soap. Luckily I used the lavender soap for the photo op because after I finished grating the orange vanilla flavored soap, it looked like a poor pile of gloppy shredded cheese and NOT appealing whatsoever.

I poured the distilled water in a large stockpot. Then I added the vegetable glycerin and shredded soap. I heated it just enough to melt the soap and then I poured it into my jars. I was worried since it had such a watery consistency but this morning it was much more congealed. I'm so excited because me and my kiddos have such sensitive skin so it will be great peace of mind knowing that its simple, clean and earth friendly.

I did a little breakdown for price comparison
2 bars soap (3.44 each) $6.88
2 gallons distilled water (2.00 each) $4.00
Vegetable glycerin (only 2 T per batch) $3.24 for 4oz

I made two batches and each made 5 quarts each. So I spent roughly $14.12 for supplies and the vegetable glyerin will probably last 3-4 batches. So for $14.20 I made a little more than 320 ounces making my body wash about .044 per ouce. WHOO HOO! That's versus .248 cents for a typical store brand. I'll take that!