Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothin' like No Bakes!

So tonight our neighbor is having a party and invited us and the kids over to hang out with their friends. It's the family friendly event! So excited to go-you know why? Because we have the greatest neighbors (and I get to cook of course!). It will be so hard when that day comes when we have to part from them. We've been so lucky to have the kind of neighbors we do. They're constantly calling me...."Hey there, we have Bertie (my 4 lbs yorkie) she must've gotten out again." Lucky me, she just runs to their house. She has identity issues I think and her brain tells her that she's really a doberman and she thinks it's her duty in life to run the neighborhood and well...the whole dog and pony show every day. She has shifts of yard watch where she runs at a full sprint out the back door and once around the entire back yard barking and then she comes in as if to say, "Yeah mom, I told them that I'm still here and I'm still the boss. PANT PANT PANT." This duty is of high importance and if not completed a minimum of ten times throughout the day, I get a little pat on the leg with a semi-shaking (with excitement and anticipation) mini paw. I digress because this is really about my neighbors and cookies but I can't help myself. Look how cute- er um ferocious she is!

So anyway, without my neighbors and their ever faithful phone calls, I wouldn't still have my little peanut around. They're just great. They have great kids who help out all the time. They help shovel snow, mow grass, rent equipment, and the like. You can't beat 'em. So tonight, I'm taking some treats over and they can't just be any treats. They get the good stuff. They don't get leftovers. They get fresh from the oven, still warm, the tedious bakes. I go all out for them because they deserve it. So tonight, they get these little beauts! I happen to know these are one of their fave's.

Here's the recipe if you have a hankering.

Chocolate No Bakes

In saucepan add:

1 stick butter (real stuff)
1/2 c cocoa
1/2 c milk
2 c sugar

Whisk until it's smooth. Continue to heat until it's bubbly. Just watch it because it will boil over. I know from experience. While it's heating put this in a large bowl:

1/2 c peanut butter (I like smooth and creamy but you could also use chunky)
3 c oatmeal

Once the chocolate mixture has boiled (careful not to burn) pour over contents in bowl. Stir until well incorporated. Drop by scoopful onto wax or parchment paper. Allow to cool.

**Note-these do not turn out or harden correctly when it's very humid out. These are great to make in the fall, winter or when it's fairly cool.

Go make some and enjoy with friends!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice (Snow) Cream

Since we're literally snowed in, I thought why not make use of the pretty powder? I knew you could use snow to make ice cream but I've never done it and found the EASIEST recipe! Here's what you need:

5 c FRESH WHITE snow
1 c milk (we use rice milk so our little cupcake could enjoy) but also made a batch for ourselves. Not going to run out of snow any time soon.
1/2 c sugar (next time I'm going to try using agave but may have to cut back to 1/4c)
1/2 t vanilla

Mix milk, sugar and vanilla until sugar is almost dissolved. Slowly add snow. I used a whisk and it worked nicely. While this was thick, it wasn't
quite as thick as ice cream. It's more like a milkshake but still delicious and fun! So go out and make some!