Tuesday, December 28, 2010


So lately I've been in major clean out, clean up and spiffy up mode. I LOVE to DIY when I can and something that I do usually about once a week is thrift. I frequent local thrift stores and peruse and when the day is good, I'll find a good little treasure. My latest a sewing table complete with a powder blue sewing machine, parts, instruction booklet and box all included for $20. I'll take that! Another recent project was this little beaut that I got at Salvation for $8 and then got an additional 25% off! Ha! So I came across this fun little website called Skip to My Lou where each Monday there are a TON of crafty little DIY's that you can see and do each with it's own little tutorial and how-to. I live for these, these little to-do's that I can whip up and create on my own. Makes me feel accomplished. So I ran across this on my morning Monday peruse and it was a light bulb moment (pun intended) and also a total GOTTAHAVEITICANDOTHAT moment. So I did it. My DH offered his meek electrical experise and we went from "good grief that's hideous" to "wow that's terrific!" in our humble little kitchen. See for yourself! What kinds of DIY's do you like to do? (pics above show finished product, what you need, and the 'before' of our project).

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