Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing In

Well it's been great 2010~ Sad to see you go but excited to see what 2011 has in store. I feel like this year is going to bring about many changes, some good, some difficult, some that will challenge me to my inner core. I'm ready though. I feel like I'm ready to grab life by the (*ahem*) balls and face him head on. I've decided to set some goals for this year, quite a good handful actually....I feel like typing them is the same as writing them so I help you'll hold me to them. I'd like to first and foremost, find employment. The education system in bleak in the hope that I could find and hold onto a full-time teaching position. While I'm never going to give up home because that is my all-time dream to teach, I can't put all my eggs in the basket on that one. I'd like to find something where I feel like I am contributing and where I am valued as part of the whole. I'd like to start a shop on etsy and begin to share my love of crafts and creating with others. I've begun a healthy and quite progressive plan of running a 5k and am going to work towards a marathon for next year-it's got to be small steps but steps with purpose. Let me tell you, I've got a row to hoe there but again, I'm ready. I'm turning 30 in 4 days and I'm not quite sure how to feel. At first I wanted to skip the day altogether but I think that I need to start my thirties with a bang so here's to that! I hope that I can continue to build a strong relationship and bond with both of my kiddos. With one being super strong-willed and one being a cuddle-lover I want to balance my attention to both in that I can demonstrate the gift of love in a way that will teach them that is above all else, our greatest gift to one another. This is a lot and it's lofty but I believe it's doable. I wish the best for you as well. I hope this year brings you joy, laughter, and it brings you your wishes and grants you lessons that only life can so graciously teach. I hope that 2011 is full of moments, memories, ups and downs that will brings you closer to who your are and closer to those you love. All my best to you. 2011, here I come....

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