Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I saw this post this morning and thought, "Yeah, that pretty much sums it up for me too." My two year old, my sweet little innocent two year old....(*Insert sigh here*) is just....what's the word? Challenging? She definitely knows how to push the buttons, the wrong ones I might add, push the envelope, cross the line and cry or scream in just the right decibel that gets me in panic OMGNOTTHATCRYohgoodgodpleasedon'tkeepscreaming mode. She definitely challenges me as a mom and while I know it's a phase, I keep thinking to myself that I shouldn't wish it away. Pretty soon, she'll be walking out the door to her car going off to prom. I realize these traits are what make her the strong, independent daughter I was hoping and praying for but it also gives me pause. A minute to reflect, or relish, that my husband and I created her. She's ours. NO one elses. NO ONE'S. She's our daughter and we are molding her into what she is to become. That's crazy. I mean no pressure or anything right?! We are building this little girl into a person that will be outside our home one day making her mark. Good grief. The past few days have been heavy in that they really don't stay little and they won't depend on you forever. This is so sad so while I hate to admit, I appreciate those little fits just a tiny little bit. It means that she's still here, under my roof, depending on Chris and I to help her, hold her and show her the fullest extent of our love for her. Just thinking to myself how lucky I am.

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  1. What a beautiful post Michelle and so very very true.