Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dig me some happy

So this year, because I was 9 months preggo before spring really hit, I didn't plan or work to have my annual vegetable garden. It's been a tough summer without my, somewhat aimless, wondering among leaves and the few weeds that have been brave enough to show their faces, in my ever so much appreciated garden. I've missed it and have vowed this summer to NEVER go another summer without one. There's so much I can do with fresh stuff that it never gets old or stagnant. I've mentioned previously how much I enjoy summer and picnic fare. But since I've gone without my garden, it doesn't seem the same. That being said, I still appreciate and tinker around in the garden I do have, when I have the time. So I was thrilled to DEATH when Chris' grandpa made these as a little fun to-do project that Chris' mom thought of for me. I took a picture and these are just as cute in person as in the picture and the first thought....I've got to put these on my blog. So here they are for you to see and maybe inspire a little bit. Everyone needs to be sprinkled with happiness to here you go...shake, shake!

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