Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hellaciously Good Enchiladas

Oh My, I can cook. Sometimes. This was a creation of my very own and it was a SUCCESS! Wahooooo! Yeah me. Okay, enough tooting of my own horn. I saw a recipe in a magazine for enchiladas and I have to admit that I've never been one to attack such a recipe with much fervor. My dad makes enchiladas and I must say he's made it an art. One that I wasn't too keen on trying or making. He's made it look, seem and taste so effortless that I felt that it wasn't worth my while breaking what seemed unbroken. Well I took a leap of faith in my kitchen, took a little turn from what I was used to and created these. The picture doesn't say much but trust me, these are soooo good!
So here's my version, and dad, your beef enchiladas are unbeatable! But for Chicken Enchiladas, these are IT! So I hope the enchilada doesn't fall too far from the tortilla because I did it folks and I'm pretty happy about it!

Excellente Chicken Enchiladas-Chelle Style

1-2 c Spanish rice (I used the Knorr fiesta rice pkt)
8 oz block cream cheese, soft
1 can enchilada sauce
2 c Monterrey jack cheese, shredded
10-12 flour tortillas
2-4 chicken breasts, depending on how many you're feeding, cooked and shredded
picante sauce

Make rice. In bowl, combine rice, cream cheese, 1/3 can enchilada sauce, 1 c of cheese and chicken. Spray your baking dish. I used an 8x8 pan and used small tortillas since there's just 3 of us. Spoon mixture into tortillas and roll up placing folded side down. Repeat and fill your pan. Top with remaining cheese and enchilada sauce. Dot top of enchiladas with picante sauce and bake 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.


  1. This sounds really good! Going on the menu for next week!

  2. Amy, Enjoy! These are so good and kid friendly since they aren't spicy! Enjoy!